Buzz City Beat: Charlotte Hornets’ power rankings, Jeremy Lamb’s Future

Charlotte Hornets Kemba Walker and Tony Parker (Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images)
Charlotte Hornets Kemba Walker and Tony Parker (Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images) /

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Big things are happening for the Charlotte Hornets, as they have moved up into the Top-10 in the power rankings, as well deciding what to do with Jeremy Lamb. The Charlotte Hornets will face the Utah Jazz tonight at home with a chance to go on a three-game winning streak.

Another story that surfaced is that Kyle Korver will be playing in tonight’s game against Charlotte. This will be his first game of the year with his former team since the 2009-2010 season.

NBA Power Rankings: Giannis, Bucks on Top at Quarter Mark (

"Usually, a team that hovers around .500 needs a substantial track record of past success and/or a glut of talent to crack the top 10 (think: Boston Celtics), but the Charlotte Hornets have done enough to overcome a resume that lacks both. The Hornets moved to 11-10 after Wednesday’s win against the Hawks, but their offensive and defensive ratings are both in the top 10."

It’s crazy to think that the Charlotte Hornets would be considered a top ten team. Despite all of the late game finishes, the Hornets have been a team that has matched up well against good basketball teams.

The Hornets have had wins against the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics. They also almost had a win in the game where Kemba Walker scored sixty points against the Philadelphia 76ers. It’s no secret that the Hornets can finally beat and hold their own against good basketball teams.

How Jeremy Lamb is complicating Hornets’ summer, and maybe playing his way out of town (

"Based on Lamb’s performance last season and this one, that contract has been a bargain. I asked a player-personnel executive from another NBA team to estimate Lamb’s market value next summer. Off the top of his head, that front-office executive said he could easily see some team paying Lamb an average of $14 million a season."

This is a soft subject because after Lamb’s performances as of late; it would stink to see him leave Charlotte. In his past ten games, Lamb has averaged 18.2 points and 6.4 rebounds per game.

With many speculating that Bradley Beal might be traded for him, I do not think the Hornets should trade him away if they make this trade. Lamb has the size to play small forward, and he could make a substantial impact their if Charlotte brings in Beal.

The Hornets will need to watch out as Lamb keeps improving. It is without question that this season is Lamb’s break out year. When he hits free-agency, Lamb’s value as a player will definitely be more than what it was in 2015 when he resigned with Charlotte.

Utah Jazz: Kyle Korver available to play vs Charlotte Hornets (

"The deal was completed just in time for Korver to join the Jazz in Charlotte, where they’re set to take on Kemba Walker and the Hornets on Friday night. He was at Utah’s gameday shootaround and will reportedly be available to play when the game tips off at 5 PM MT."

With Kyle Korver playing tonight, it could bold well for the Hornets since Korver is joining a new team with a new scheme. The Hornets should look to limit what he does while he is coming off of the bench.

Korver is a player that excels at shooting from beyond the arc. In his last game with the Cleveland Cavilers against the Hornets, he scored a total of eleven points, while shooting three of five from beyond the arc.

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This is the last game of November, and the Hornets will look to finally win three games in a row. Following this game, they will take on the New Orleans Pelicans at home on Sunday at 5 P.M. ET.