Writers Round-Table: Charlotte Hornets trade deadline predictions

Charlotte Hornets Kemba Walker (Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images)
Charlotte Hornets Kemba Walker (Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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4. How many moves are you expecting the Charlotte Hornets to make prior to the trade deadline?

Zachary Padmore: Despite all the rumors and reported interest in players, I think the Hornets may play it safe and make one deal, or maybe even no deal. They’ve been in the playoff mix all year long, and while it would be nice to add an asset or a valuable piece, rolling with what they have could get them into the postseason regardless, and only strengthen the team chemistry.

Giovanni Spillman: The Hornets currently have a lot of depth at the center position and can also afford to trade a starter as well. If the Hornets decide to go “all out” and get a star player, then I expect them only to make one trade. If Charlotte would like to make some smaller deals, then I would think they would try to work out a couple of trades.

Elijah Edwards: I’m gonna say upwards of three. As I mentioned before, I think Frank will be gone and I’m hoping we can somehow move Nicolas Batum and Bismack Biyombo to free up cap space. I wouldn’t be surprised if they also moved Marvin Williams. Overall, I think this team will look fairly different after the trade deadline, or so I’m hoping.

De White: Wants and expectations… I really want at least two moves to free up cap space, but honestly I don’t expect anything to transpire. One move would be better than nothing, but our situation would leave us giving out too much to break even.

Stephen Waniewski: Maybe I’m on an island, but I think the Hornets will make a few (two) moves. Their tentative playoff position mixed with heavy contracts means something has to give. I expect new President/GM Mitch Kupchak to put his imprint on the roster, either as a buyer or a seller.

Brendan Boylan: In terms of amount of moves, I can only see one or two being made. One being moving Frank Kaminsky and the other being a potential trade of Jeremy Lamb for future assets. Moving on from Lamb would mean the team truly believes they will re-sign Kemba and could not afford to keep Lamb.

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Caleb Baugher: Watch for the Hornets to make a trade or two to keep pace in the East. As much as I would love the Hornets to trade for a top pick that could land a guy like Zion Williamson, improving the roster to surround Kemba for the future should be top priority.