Charlotte Hornets: 4 reasons why a Walker/Gasol duo would work

Charlotte Hornets Kemba Walker (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)
Charlotte Hornets Kemba Walker (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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With the Charlotte Hornets looking to add center Marc Gasol to the mix, potentially pairing him and Kemba Walker together could create a star duo.

Over the years, the NBA’s trade deadline has been one of the more entertaining times of the season. The Charlotte Hornets have been active in trade talk over the years, but they could make a splash this year.

That splash would be trading for Memphis Grizzlies star Marc Gasol, who is a proven All-Star talent that would instantly become the Hornets second best player.

As Shams Charania of The Athletic reported and we relayed yesterday, the Charlotte Hornets have had “strong” talks with the Grizzlies on a potential Gasol trade. Memphis even sat Gasol during last night’s game against Minnesota as the two sides discussed the framework of the deal.

The Hornets have needed a second star player to put next to Kemba Walker for years now, and Marc Gasol could be the guy they have been looking for. He has thrived for years in Memphis playing with Mike Conley, who is a star point guard in his own right.

Also, adding a player like Gasol would probably increase the chances of re-signing Walker when he hits free agency over the summer. He’s shown his commitment to this city, now it’s time to build a time around him and make a run in the Eastern Conference.

Let’s get things started and take a look at five reasons why a Kemba Walker/Marc Gasol pairing would work for the Charlotte Hornets.