Charlotte Hornets: Frank Kaminsky is better than you think

Charlotte Hornets Frank Kaminsky. Copyright 2019 NBAE (Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images)
Charlotte Hornets Frank Kaminsky. Copyright 2019 NBAE (Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The Charlotte Hornets may not realize it, but they have a player who still has a lot of potential on their bench.

The end of the regular season is coming, and the Charlotte Hornets have yet to realize how much talent they actually have on their bench. They currently have a player that is barely receiving minutes; that player is Frank Kaminsky.

This is a follow-up article to why Frank Kaminsky deserves a chance. I will present reasons to why Kaminsky is actually better than what many Hornets fans perceive him as being.

First, we must establish one thing, and that is the fact that Kaminsky is not a bench player! Coming off the bench is one thing, but when you are strictly assigned to the bench not to play, it’s something else.

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Kaminsky has the talent to be a solid bench player for Charlotte (or more), but due to the team’s depth, it has hindered any chance of proving himself to the new coaching staff.

Kaminsky is a dynamic player who can play both frontcourt positions, but he has been buried in the depth chart behind Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Bismack Biyombo, and Willy Hernangomez all season.

Rumors have also arisen that due to his spot in the depth chart, it has caused him to become frustrated with the team. Kaminsky should not even have to feel this way, because he is good enough to get solid minutes.

I for one, do not want Kaminsky to leave the team, because I see the value that he brings to Charlotte. His personality on the court and knowledge of the game makes him a definite asset to the Hornets.

Kaminsky, in his last two seasons, has been a more consistent scorer than Hernangomez and Biyombo. Despite his scoring, fans have also expressed their concerns about his defense. Yes, a player’s defense is a necessity in today’s NBA, but so is their scoring.

Fans may not realize this, but Kaminsky is actually shooting the basketball at the best percentage of his career. I know that he has played limited minutes, but when your Field Goal percentage is at 48%, and your two-point percentage is at 59%, you must be doing something right.

Moreover, Kaminsky has also made three-hundred and four three-pointers with the Hornets. He’s good enough to have made more threes in his first three seasons than Dirk Nowitzki and to be ranked #10 on the Hornets’ All-Time list for three-pointers made.

Being in the top ten for All-Time Threes Made on a team is impressive and what’s also impressive, is that he could have already passed two more players this season; those players are Matt Carroll (338) and D.J. Augustin (350).

Kaminsky is a dominant player from the perimeter, and he misses shots here and there, but isn’t that what everyone in the NBA does?

Frank Kaminsky is having the best season of his career this year with his true shooting percentage of 58%; this must count as something. Kaminsky also has a player efficiency rating of 16 now; this is one point higher than the league average of fifteen.

Statistics do not lie, and Kaminsky has been good for the Charlotte Hornets; he’s been improving in a majority of the statistical columns as well. It’s time to stop hating on Big Frank, and look at the bright side of things; Kaminsky is a nice shooter for the Hornets.

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Even though Kaminsky has shown that he is frustrated with his role, I foresee him playing on Friday night against the Washington Wizards. I think Friday night will be the perfect opportunity to show the coaching staff what he is capable of doing for this team.