Charlotte Hornets NBA Draft: Reggie Perry working out for Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets will have various players working out for them on Saturday, one of them being the Mississippi State forward, Reggie Perry.

On Saturday, the Charlotte Hornets will be having multiple players work out for them. This is a good time for the Hornets to look at talent entering the draft, whether it is first round talent or not.

One of the players working out for the Hornets is the Mississippi State forward, Reggie Perry. Perry is a prospect who’s not expected to go in the first round, and he only played for one season while in college.

Perry is a prospect who will turn twenty next march. He’s young and still has the ability to learn from NBA coaches. This draft will determine if he has the ability to compete in the NBA.

About Reggie Perry

Height: 6’10”

Weight: 245 pounds

Wingspan: 6’10″

2018-19 stats: 9.7 points, 7.2 rebounds, 0.7 blocks, 50% FG, 23.9 minutes


  • Great size for the four spot
  • Great at rebounding
  • Has great size and length
  • Has a strong frame that is good for the post
  • Recognizes mismatches easily and calls for the ball
  • Has a lot of potential defensively
  • Is an “okay” free throw shooter


  • Needs to improve his decision making with the ball
  • Needs to improve jump shot and shooting percentage
  • Lacks a consistent shot from beyond the arc
  • Needs to pay more attention on defense when rotating.

This is a prospect that I think could potentially be taken in the second round of this year’s draft. I am not sure where he would fit in with an NBA team, but we all know that players can improve.

It’s interesting that the Hornets have him coming to workout with a group of guards and forwards on Saturday.  He has great size and athletic abilities, so maybe he will be able to impress the Hornets in that department.

Perry only played in thirty-four games last season, and he only started in eighteen of them. During his only season, the most points that he ever scored in a game was twenty-one, and that came in a victory over Ole Miss. He also scored twenty-one in another win over South Carolina.

He finished the season with nine double-doubles as well, and the most rebounds he was able to grab in a game was fourteen. His efforts helped lead his team to a 23-11 season.

The Hornets could definitely get some production from Perry if they select him with their late second-round pick. Having a good workout for a team is a great first step to impressing them.

The Hornets have under a month to prepare for the NBA Draft, and they need to start deciding who they will take in the first round. I expect the Hornets to begin working out lottery-caliber players in the coming weeks.