Charlotte Hornets: Early 2019 NBA Draft night decisions

Charlotte Hornets 2019 NBA Draft Lottery (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)
Charlotte Hornets 2019 NBA Draft Lottery (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The Charlotte Hornets will have quite a few options to consider in both the first and second round of the 2019 NBA Draft.

The 2019 NBA Draft is less than a month away and the Charlotte Hornets need to have a good night.

Kemba Walker is due for a new contract, one that could pay the All-Star more than $200 million. Walker has the option to tell Michael Jordan “no,” and play for a new team, but Charlotte has to get ready for a new season with or without him.

With the speculation of a very entertaining free agency frenzy this summer, the possibility of Kemba playing for a different team in a better market is easy for some to think, considering the lack of talent that the Hornets have surrounded the captain. For the organization, priority number one is to obviously re-sign and #KeepKemba.

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Despite not making the playoffs, Charlotte is on the right track as far as the overall direction of the team going forward. Coach Borrego switched it up a little bit in the second half of last season by playing the first and second year players more in preparation for this upcoming season.

With the 12th pick in the draft, the Hornets find themselves in the middle of the pack, like they do every year. The 12th pick is weird because this draft is strong in the top 10, but a little weaker or unknown in the rest.

Here are five interesting potential picks that the Hornets could make on Draft Night, June 20th.

  • Cameron Reddish – Duke SG/SF: Cam Reddish could solve the Hornets problem at wing, but he will be hard to get in this draft. While every prospect’s projectors change every day, Cam is a lock to be drafted before the Hornets will have a chance to draft the Blue Devil. Luckily, the Hornets have a number of players they could potentially put into a package for a better draft selection. Reddish was a proven shooter with his time at Duke and the Hornets would love a top talent like himself in their lineup.
  •  Coby White- UNC PG: Like Reddish, Coby will be a stretch to get. In another trade scenario,  Michael Jordan could draft another UNC player to his organization. Coby’s speed and dynamic skill set is what NBA scouts have been raving about since the second half of the college season. Coby would be the answer to the Hornets if there was a problem involving Kemba Walker’s decision to re-sign to a max deal. Even if the Hornets end up keeping him, Coby could still play for the Hornets. The Hornets could be a very interesting teams with both point guards on the floor at the same time.
  • Bol Bol- Oregon C: The 7’2” phenom is on every team’s radar because of the potential that this kid has. With a skill set that includes shooting, this big man could help fill the uncertainty in the Hornets paint. The issue with Bol Bol is the uncertainty to his health. (his foot to be exact.) For a lot of GM’s, Bol Bol’s risk is too high for the reward, but if you are the Hornets, taking a risk may be worth any kind of reward or consequence. Having to pick a player in the same spot in every draft, Why not pick the player with the most upside?
  • Jaxson Hayes- Texas C: This 6’11” big man is a bit more of a safer pick for the Hornets. Sort of like last year’s Texas Longhorn Mo Mamba, Hayes displays signs of true hustle, explosiveness, and rebound ability. Jaxson is projected to be drafted around the Hornets pick, so that is the guy most Hornet fans will expect to be the next Hornet.
  • Tacko Fall- UCF C: This 7’7” big man is the biggest of the big men in this year’s draft. He would be the tallest player in the league by an entire four inches. Viewed by a gimmick by some, scouts watching the UCF Duke game in the NCAA Tournament saw Tacko’s potential through his three blocks against Zion Williamson and seven dunks for the game. Like Bol Bol, Tacko is a bit of a wildcard due to the uncertainty that comes with someone being that tall and enduring an entire NBA season. Tacko isn’t a projected first round pick, but watch for a team to take a chance on him in the second round.

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Other prospects that will be on the Hornets list include: Tyler Herro (Kentucky), P.J. Washington (Kentucky), Keyshawn Woods (Wake Forest) and De’Andre Hunter (UVA).