Charlotte Hornets NBA Draft: P.J. Washington is the answer

With the #12 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, the Charlotte Hornets could add a good prospect in a position they have much needed, the power forward spot.

The Charlotte Hornets, in the last few years, struggled to have good players in their front court. Marvin Williams was the only consistent power forward on the team, but the former UNC player will turn 33 on the 19th of June.

It is time to select a reliable prospect that could solve the problems at the PF position, P.J. Washington is making his case looking forward to the draft, which is just two days away.

Paul Jamaine Washington Jr. is a former Kentucky Wildcats player, he played there two season; he even declared for last years draft. He decided to play another year in college in order to be much more ready for this year draft.

Not many player decides to continue their college run, especially if they were projected in the top 60 prospects. Miles Bridges did that at Michigan State, the decision helped him a lot in order to be ready to the NBA level.

About P.J. Washington

Height: 6’7”

Weight: 228 pounds

Wingspan: 7’3”

2018-2019 stats: 15.2 points, 7.5 rebounds, 1.8 assists, 59% TS, 29.3 minutes


  • He is an efficient and skilled offensive player.
  • Elite passer from the post.
  • Potential to be a good shooter and floor stretcher.


  • Poor free throw shooter.
  • Not always focused while defending off the ball.
  • Heavily right-handed.

P.J. Washington is a really intriguing player. Offensively, he is capable to score in a lot of different ways. While attacking in the post with his left shoulder he averages 1.294 PPP, he also has a nearly unguardable right hand jump hook, thanks to his length.

During his second year in the college Washington demonstrated to be an awesome passer, either in post or while driving to the basket. He tries to find the open man with complex passing lanes, that displays a good court vision.

His potential to stretch the floor is huge, he had an outstanding 45% from the NBA 3 point range during this season. He had an impressive jump from the first to the second year of college, he may keep on improving during his NBA career.

Washington will have to improve his FT%, that is an important element to work on. A player like him will have to shoot a good amount of free throw (5 FTA this season), being able to convert them at a good ratio will be necessary. Another aspect of his game that has to be improved is team defense, he is not always on point with closeouts and help off the ball. He also tend to stay with his arm close to his body.

I really think that the sophomore from Kentucky could be the answer for the Charlotte Hornets, an offensive skilled PF with a ready body is precious. Working on little aspects of his game will make him a border line All-Star player.

With his addition coach Borrego could decide to use him in replacing Marvin Williams, or to play him at the five spot with hard small ball lineups, an option that our coach loves.