Charlotte Hornets fans should not be angry with Kemba Walker

Unfortunately, the Charlotte Hornets are losing their greatest player. Instead of being angry, fans should understand what this means to Kemba Walker.

At the time I’m writing this, Kemba Walker is still officially a member of the Charlotte Hornets. That will change soon, and while it’s tragic for a fanbase that has little to root for outside of the three-time All-Star, it’s something that honestly needs to happen for both parties.

Fans of the Bobcats and Hornets saw Kemba grow both as a player and as a human being. No one really knew what to expect when he was drafted ninth overall by Charlotte back in 2011. but it’s safe to say that he blew away any doubts people had about him.

Over the years, Kemba endeared himself to the city of Charlotte and made it known how much he loved both the city and the fans who called Charlotte home. For this reason, it’s why losing him makes it all that much harder. Sure, his ability on the court made him a fan favorite, but it was his personality and love of Charlotte that really made us all proud to see him wear purple and teal.

Kemba exuded class and sportsmanship in a league that can be somewhat devoid of that at times. Win or lose, he always showed the type of professionalism that one wants to see from their star player.

Obviously, some fans are more upset than others, and some may even be angry, though I doubt that camp is filled with very many people. Instead of being angry, we should be happy for him. Kemba deserves to be on a winning team and sadly, the Hornets weren’t going to be that in their current state.

At age 29, he doesn’t have a lot of years left at his peak, so he didn’t need to be part of a rebuild. That’s exactly what the Hornets need, so it makes sense for him to leave for greener pastures. Of course, it would have been nice to get something back for him, but the front office apparently could not get it done.

It’s going to be a rough stretch for the Hornets over the next few years and with the updated draft lottery rules, tanking isn’t as sure of a thing as it once was, so that makes it even harder for the team to improve. For Kemba, it means he can finally be part of a team that can potentially contend for a title, or at the very least, make it out of the first round, which is something he’s never done in his career.

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Kemba gave us his best in his time in Charlotte and we all loved him for it. So, now that he’s doing what’s best for him, I think we all should support him, and judging by the Twitter comments I’ve seen, we’ve done that. Fans may be heartbroken losing a player like Kemba, but it’s best to remember not to be sad because it’s over but to be happy it happened at all.

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