Charlotte Hornets Round Table: Mid-season review and trade discussion

Charlotte Hornets Devonte' Graham. (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)
Charlotte Hornets Devonte' Graham. (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Who should the Hornets target at the trade deadline?

Caleb Baugher (Contributor): The Charlotte Hornets should target Drummond who’s being targeted right now by multiple teams. His defensive and rebounding ability would help out the Hornets tremendously. Dedmon from the Kings is a similar player that can be less difficult to trade for. Kevin Love from the Cavs wants out and that would be nice too, considering his shooting and playmaking ability. A guy like Love gives the Hornets an All-Star caliber player the fans will pay money to watch.

Austin Daisey (Contributor): I feel that I am not alone in saying this, but Andre Drummond is exactly the player that the Hornets need. This dude is a rebounding machine and would really fill that void that the Hornets are missing. Not only is he an excellent rebounder, but he leads the Pistons in scoring (17.55 ppg), rebounding (16.0), steals (2.0), and blocks (1.9). He is a real force when on the floor and would easily become a fan favorite.

Elijah Edwards (Contributor): A lot of people think they should target either Andre Drummond or Dewayne Dedmon. Drummond could potentially help with the Hornets’ abysmal interior defense, but Dedmon brings outside shooting at that position. Personally, I think the interior defense should be more of a priority, but Drummond’s contract is worrisome and the Hornets already have several troublesome contracts. Either way, the roster needs shaking up.

Noah Farrell (Contributor): I would like to see Charlotte target Andre Drummond, however, I have a caveat if they can include Nicolas Batum’s contract. The way I see it they obtain the best guy in the league to fix their rebounding problems and should I’m theory help their defensive woes. They would have his bird-rights and could resign him easier than any other team. But if they would like to move on from Drummond or if he declines the player option on his contract the Hornets could decide not to offer a big contract to him. At that point, Charlotte frees up 25 Million dollars in cap space that Nic Batum would have held(given that Batum accepts his player option).

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Aaron Khor (Contributor): I’m not sure the Hornets need to target anyone at the trade deadline. I would rather see the front office be sellers and target some draft picks. Mitch has proven his ability to draft well, why not give him more picks to play with. Marvin is possibly the most tradeable veteran on the Hornets right now and could see him earning some minutes for a contender.

Scott Overbey (Contributor): Unless Joel Embiid or Rudy Gobert are available then there’s no one who can save them defensively. It would be best to acquire a future second-round pick or two and keep building.

Zachary Padmore (Site-Expert): Dewayne Dedmon is a player that is very likely to be traded prior to the deadline next month, and I think he’d be a really good fit for the Hornets. His value is the lowest it’s been in years with his diminished role in Sacramento, so it shouldn’t take a whole lot to nab him. He’d give the Hornets a rim protector, as well as a legit stretch-five.

Giovanni Spillman (Site-Expert): I have been saying this for a long time, and I want the Hornets to target Andre Drummond. The Detrioit Pistons are looking to dump him, and the Hornets need someone who can rebound and play defense. With the Pistons having a bad season and the Hornets on the edge for the last playoff seed, targeting Drummond is very logical.