Charlotte Hornets Round Table: Mid-season review and trade discussion

Charlotte Hornets Devonte' Graham. (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)
Charlotte Hornets Devonte' Graham. (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Who’s most likely going to be traded away?

Caleb Baugher (Contributor): Marvin Williams is most likely to be traded by the deadline. He’s the best asset to offer. His veteran leadership and shooting ability would be a great addition to teams in the West looking for a stretch four down the stretch of the season. Watch for Malik Monk to be in the discussion of leaving  Charlotte as the Hornets are stacked with guards.

Austin Daisey (Contributor): As much as I would hate to see him go, I believe that Marvin Williams is great trade bait. He can give a team veteran leadership as well as an overall great guy who can come off the bench. Dwayne Bacon is also another guy I could see being shipped off at the deadline. He has had a less than stellar season and just hasn’t seemed to live up to the hype quite yet. He’s currently coming off the bench for Charlotte, but would another team be interested? It all depends on what the Hornets are being offered when it comes to what I want in a trade.

Elijah Edwards (Contributor): Most likely Marvin Williams, but not without some cost. I see them packaging him with a second-rounder or two, but he’s not really the problem. Contracts like Nic Batum’s or even Bismack Biyombo’s are the ones I’d like to see offloaded. I don’t see very many takers for those, however, and I wonder if they can even get rid of them at any point, much less this season.

Noah Farrell (Contributor): If we are talking trading veterans then I think Marvin Williams is the most valuable by far with his offensive and defensive skill set to go along with his fairly large expiring contract. Contenders will value that very highly. However, if we are talking about potentially selling high on any young pieces then I would say Malik Monk would be someone to make phone calls on. He is a nice player and could still pan out to be an excellent all-around shooting guard. The thing is though, if he doesn’t pan out then we are left with obtaining no lasting value for what was an 11th overall pick. I’m not giving up on him but I would take phone calls on him.

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Aaron Khor (Contributor): Marvin Williams for me. He’s been shooting around 40% all season and is always ready to play. He does a lot for the defense, particularly on the communication side. His contract expires end of the season, so he would free up cap space for someone as well. Give us picks and a young player and I would walk away happy.

Scott Overbey (Contributor): Marvin Williams has shown he still has a little left in the tank and would probably make the most sense for another team. I’m not sure we’ll see a team pushing for the playoffs try to acquire him, but the asking price should be relatively low.

Zachary Padmore (Site-Expert): I continue to believe that Marvin Williams is the most likely Hornets player to be dealt prior to the deadline. He has value around the league and is on an expiring contract. He can help a playoff team with his shooting and defensive versatility. Bismack Biyombo may be another name to keep an eye on going into February.

Giovanni Spillman (Site-Expert): As much as I hate to say it, Marvin Williams is the most likely to be traded. I have enjoyed watching Marvin play, and he’s easily having a great season off the bench. The veteran has been consistent with his limited minutes, and he’s also shooting 90% from the free-throw line; this makes him the best free-throw shooter on the team. He would make a great addition to a playoff team looking to make a title run.