Charlotte Hornets Round Table: Mid-season review and trade discussion

Charlotte Hornets Devonte' Graham. (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)
Charlotte Hornets Devonte' Graham. (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Charlotte Hornets PJ Washington and Cody Martin. (Photo by Bob Leverone/NBAE via Getty Images)
Charlotte Hornets PJ Washington and Cody Martin. (Photo by Bob Leverone/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Thoughts on the Hornets’ rookies?

Caleb Baugher (Contributor): I like the rookies. PJ Washington looks promising and Cody Martin’s hustle on the defensive and transition ends have been the secret to the success so far and will be needed the rest of the way. Hopefully, his unselfish play will become contagious for this team.

Austin Daisey (Contributor): P.J. Washington has obviously been the best rookie for the Charlotte Hornets. In his rookie campaign, he is averaging 12.6 ppg and 5.4 rpg. He is extremely fun to watch and can be downright explosive through stretches. Cody Martin is another guy I would like to see more. He’s only played in 29 games with the NBA squad, but he is showing signs of promise. Overall, I believe he needs to see more playing time down the stretch for the Hornets.

Elijah Edwards (Contributor): P.J. is playing well, though sometimes, he seems to get lost on the court. He’s a bit streaky, but his 42% shooting percentage from deep is impressive. If he can find more consistency, the trio of Graham, Terry Rozier, and Washington could be a very nice core. Cody Martin has struggled in what limited minutes he’s had, shooting just 40% from the field and 21% from behind the arc. It’s a small sample size, of course, but his output could be better. His brother has had much less playing time, but with his time with the Greensboro Swarm, he’s been very impressive, averaging almost 20 points a game on 45% shooting.

Must Read. Terry Rozier and his quietly good season. light

Aaron Khor (Contributor): Cody Martin and PJ Washington have been fantastic. Cody always playing with hustle and energy, bringing it on the defensive end. PJ looks as though he is learning something new each game. His post hooks are seemingly a knockdown shot for him. Cody Martin’s ceiling to me is just a role player. But I would think PJ Washington projects to be a serviceable starting Power Forward in the league.

Scott Overbey (Contributor): PJ has been as good as any fan should have hoped for. He doesn’t have star potential but he’s physical and his 3pt shooting, on higher than expected volume, has been a pleasant surprise. Cody Martin plays hard and has a high basketball IQ. He’s not the most physically gifted player but he’s a solid guy who can defend. Every team needs someone like that on the roster.

Zachary Padmore (Site-Expert): I’ve been very impressed with all of Charlotte’s rookies this season. I knew PJ Washington was a tremendous talent, but he made a name for himself very quickly. Cody Martin has a chance to be an elite role player, while his brother, Caleb, develops in the G-League. Jalen McDaniels is still very raw but has shown flashes. Overall, I think the Hornets have to be satisfied.

Giovanni Spillman (Site-Expert): To me, PJ Washington and Cody Martin have both exceeded expectations. I was not completely sold on Washington when Charlotte drafted him, but he quickly changed my mind with his first preseason game against the Boston Celtics. Cody Martin has also proved to be a terrific defender, and he may have the potential to make his mark on the league next season. However, I would like to see some more court action from Jalen McDaniels to see what he’s capable of.