Charlotte Hornets: Would keeping Marvin Williams be so bad?

Marvin Williams has been often viewed as the most likely player to be traded from the Charlotte Hornets roster, but there is a chance that he intentionally isn’t.

Veteran forward Marvin Williams from the Charlotte Hornets is a pro’s pro. Marvin doesn’t ask for a certain amount of play-time. He doesn’t ask for a certain amount of shots nor to be featured heavily on offense; he understands his role and plays it exceptionally well.

He is a very serviceable stretch forward and small-ball center who can defend multiple positions. Every contending team in the NBA would be better with him on their roster and he would certainly be in someone’s rotation during the playoffs.

Marvin is on an expiring contract as well, so teams do not have to commit long term to an aging veteran. This further encourages teams to acquire him to add to their potential playoff team.

With that being said, Marvin is making $15 million dollars. In order to trade Marvin, you have to match salaries to a certain extent. You need to bring in someone making similar money.

Now the question becomes more than ‘What am I receiving by trading Marvin Williams?’, It becomes also ‘What do I have to take on by trading Marvin?’.

Trading him for good assets is one thing, but trading him for little or nothing better in return sounds less fun.

Another expiring contract with a second-round pick sounds ideal but that may not be offered in exchange. If taking on extra years of money on someone else’s contract comes into play then pulling the trigger on trading Marvin may become less ideal.

Everything is situational and so much depends on how the Hornet’s front office wants to build this team moving forward, but one thing that I do know is that Marvin Williams is such a positive locker room presence and gets along very well with all of the younger players. I know he has helped them with various on and off the court issues and the whole team loves his company.

Trading that presence may not disrupt the locker room or team chemistry but it certainly will not feel the same.

Perhaps the organization looks to keep him and offer him a new deal to keep him in Charlotte this summer. I’ve heard the Marvin Williams retirement rumors but I am operating as if he will stay in the league next season (Partially just being hopeful but also because he would still have tremendous value as a veteran role player). Obviously, Marvin can and should do whatever he wants to, he has earned it.

I am still on board for selling veterans to teams who can use them for meaningful basketball in exchange for assets, but keeping Marvin Williams may not be a poor decision from the franchise.