Charlotte Hornets NBA 2K20: Have you tried out PJ Washington’s new card?

Charlotte Hornets PJ Washington. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Charlotte Hornets PJ Washington. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

As fans wait for news regarding the NBA’s hiatus, some 2K players may have noticed that a Charlotte Hornets’ rookie recently got a new card in NBA 2K20.

Besides hanging out with family, Charlotte Hornets fans have multiple things they can do as they wait for more news on the NBA’s hiatus. If you play NBA 2K20 and are a Hornets fan, then you might like what the game gave the Hornets in MyTeam mode.

On Thursday, NBA 2K released info on a new promo they did in MyTeam What this promo does, is allow players to play five notable games from each team’s remaining schedule.

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For completing the five games, players receive a diamond card of a player from the chosen team. Luckily for the Hornets, 2K decided to show PJ Washington some love, and they gave him a diamond card.

The reason that 2K did this was likely because of Washington’s stellar play as of late. Washington initially started with a silver card in MyTeam, but then earned an emerald one after his NBA debut against the Chicago Bulls.

Washington’s diamond card features 17 “Hall of Fame” and 27 “Gold” badges. If you play 2K, then you know that a player is good when he has this many badges. Washington’s badges make him a productive frontcourt member for any team.

The diamond card has enough attribute points that make Washington an effective post-scorer. His card also allows him to be a consistent three-point shooter. NBA 2K must have taken notice of Washington’s perimeter shooting, as he’s made 86 threes while shooting 37% from deep.

So far this season, Washington has averaged 12.2 points and 5.4 rebounds per game. Washington has been consistent on a nightly basis, and he’s been amazing to watch.

If NBA 2K is taking notice of what Washington can do, then maybe the league will be doing the same thing. With everything that he’s done, Washington could be in the running for one of the NBA’s All-Rookie teams.

Nevertheless, if you play NBA 2K20, then you should try Washington’s new card out. I was not aware of it at first, as I was shocked to see a Hornets player getting some respect.

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Next week more Hornets games will be replayed on Fox Sports Southeast, so you may have the opportunity to re-watch some of Washington’s highlights. However, more news about the rest of the Hornets’ regular-season schedule should come in the coming weeks.