The results for our greatest Charlotte Hornets player fan-voting are here

Charlotte Hornets classic logo. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Charlotte Hornets classic logo. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /
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Charlotte Hornets
Charlotte Hornets classic logo. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

Over the past few weeks, we here at the Swarm and Sting have been running a bracket on Twitter with 16 of the greatest Charlotte Hornets/Bobcats ever to truly determine the greatest. Now that the bracket is finished, let’s see how you all voted.

Like many of you, we here really are missing sports. Yeah, we’ve tried to make do by watching the virtual games they’ve been airing on TV or the reruns of Charlotte Hornets games, but there’s just no substituting the real thing.

If there’s something to take some solace from, though, is that the lack of actual sports is the least of our worries right now. Still, the real thing would be a nice distraction from what’s going on out there. In the meantime, we’ll keep plugging along, trying to keep your hunger for Charlotte Hornets news and content satiated.

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This time, we got our Twitter audience involved seeing as that’s about as much “socializing” as we can do at the moment. So, we came up with a bracket to definitively determine who is the greatest Charlotte Hornet/Bobcat ever.

To get things started, here are the 16 players in order of ranking. Bear in mind that rankings were determined by the impact on the franchise in terms of wins and statistics, tenure with the franchise, and what that player lent to the culture of the team and its fans.

  1. Kemba Walker
  2. Larry Johnson
  3. Alonzo Mourning
  4. Dell Curry
  5. Baron Davis
  6. Gerald Wallace
  7. Glen Rice
  8. Jamal Mashburn
  9. Muggsy Bogues
  10. Kendall Gill
  11. Emeka Okafor
  12. Al Jefferson
  13. Eddie Jones
  14. Gerald Henderson
  15. Stephen Jackson
  16. Anthony Mason

There were a few players on the fringe that maybe could have gotten in over some of the lower-ranked guys, but overall, we think this was the best 16 we could have chosen. Voting results for each player are in parentheses. With that, let’s move on to round 1.