Charlotte Hornets: What should Devonte’ Graham’s 2K rating be in NBA 2K21?

While we continue on in a world without basketball, many of us have taken to the virtual realm, hoping to bring the Charlotte Hornets a championship. Devonte’ Graham is their highest-rated player, but should that rating change for the next iteration of the game?

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a basketball fan, a Charlotte Hornets fan, and are more than likely a fan of 2K’s NBA games. Without real basketball going on, 2K has been a very popular way for athletes and gamers alike to get their fix.

With every new release of the game, fans are anxious to find out what their favorite player’s ratings are. A player’s rating is basically a ball-park way of determining how good they are. The logic may not always be sound, but in the world of video games, it’s about the best you can get.

There are always debates on whether a player’s ratings are too high, too low, or just right. The elite stars are always the highest, of course, but there are debates for even middling or average players.

Devonte’ Graham is neither average nor elite. He may end up becoming an elite player if he continues to improve the way he did this season, but for now, he’s merely a very talented and capable point guard.

He’s arguably the Hornets’ best player, though, and as such, his rating in 2K should reflect that. In 2K20, his current rating according to the official patch is 80 overall. That’s not bad and honestly, I feel like it’s close to what it should be.

As surprising as Graham’s improvement was, there’s no real way of knowing if he can maintain that kind of progress. 80, to me, is like a B grade, and Devonte’ may just be that right now. He’s a rising star, but not a true star as of yet and a B grade is exemplary of that.

Scoring just over 18 a game, Devonte’ ranks just 48th in the league in points per game, but is in the top 10 in assists per game, doling out 7.5 a contest. If he can up his scoring and passing a bit, he’ll likely see his rating improve. I could see him being updated to an 82 or 83 if he can be a 20 and 8 kind of guy.

Shooting wise, he’ll also need to improve. He made 218 threes before the season was put on hold, which is good for 5th in the NBA, but his percentage was lower than just about every player around him, shooting just 37% from deep. James Harden and Trae Young are the only other players in the top 10 in made three-pointers who had a lower percentage.

Right now, his three-point rating in 2K is an A-minus. I would maybe lower that to a B+ based on his real-life percentage. For comparisons, Terry Rozier is also an A-minus but shot a much better percentage. He made 40 fewer threes than Devonte’, but he also took fewer as well.

Everything else in the current game seems about right to me, other than perimeter defense. I feel like it could be lowered a bit from C-plus to simply a C. Defense is something Graham really needs to work on, but he is just entering his third season, so I feel like he can improve.

With 2K releasing frequent updates throughout the season, a player’s rating can fluctuate depending on their performances in real-life. If Devonte’ can continue the improvement from this last season to the next, his overall rating in the next game may just creep closer to a certain former Charlotte Hornet guard.

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The 2K games typically don’t come out until just before the NBA season starts, but with the current circumstances, both of those dates may be affected. Until then, we’ll continue to plug along with the latest release, hoping to bring a virtual NBA title to the Queen City. Perhaps it’ll be a little easier in the next title with an improved Devonte’.


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