Throwback: Charlotte Hornets brand returns to Queen City

Charlotte Hornets' court. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Charlotte Hornets' court. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

On this day in history, the Charlotte Hornets would officially be rebranded back into the team that they used to be known as.

Throughout the Charlotte Hornets’ history, the team has seen many changes. One of these changes was when the team rebranded into the Bobcats, and then when they rebranded back into the Hornets almost ten years later.

May 20th, 2020, marks the six-year anniversary of the Hornets returning to Charlotte. Six years ago, the team rebranded itself back into the Hornets; this movement had a lot of support from fans.

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Before rebranding back, Charlotte had not been known as the Hornets since the 2001-02 season. After that season, the franchise’s brand would move to New Orleans, and Charlotte would not have another team until 2004.

Following the 2003-04 season, Charlotte would then have a basketball team. The Bobcats brand remained in Charlotte from 2004 to 2014. During this ten year period, the team would have six different head coaches and various losing seasons.

In 2006, current team owner Michael Jordan bought a minority stake in the franchise. However, Jordan would not seek full ownership of the team until 2010. Jordan was a big reason in the Hornets’ rebranding.

Following many tough seasons as the Bobcats, the Hornets’ brand name officially returned to Charlotte on May 20th, 2014. When the rebrand happened, the New Orleans Pelicans returned the records and legacy of the 1988-2002 seasons to Charlotte.

One of the reasons that Charlotte was able to retain its legacy was because the team was founded in 1988, and it was considered to be inactive following the 2001-02 season. Following the rebranding process, the Hornets would then return to action later in 2014.

When the Hornets officially played their first game back in Charlotte, Kemba Walker led the team to a comeback win over the Milwaukee Bucks. Days later after this win, the team would also rehang Bobby Phills’ jersey from the rafters of Spectrum Center.

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Since coming back to the Queen City, the Charlotte Hornets have been to the playoffs once; the team won three games in their playoff series against the Miami Heat. After six years of the Hornets being back in Charlotte, will the team one day return to its glory days?