Charlotte Hornets: Evaluating the Roster’s Potential Future with the Team

Charlotte Hornets huddle (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)
Charlotte Hornets huddle (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Charlotte Hornets
Charlotte Hornets Caleb and Cody Martin. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

Next, we’ll discuss a position the Charlotte Hornets are in desperate need of addressing. 

Caleb Martin

Caleb spent a lot of the year in the G-League with the Swarm, but when he came up to the Charlotte Hornets, he made a huge difference. The energy he (and Jalen McDaniels) brought from Greensboro after MKG and Marvin Williams were both bought out, were a major jolt to the team.

The Hornets are 6-6 when he plays more than 15 minutes, and although that’s just .500, that’s better than how they were doing overall. Caleb Martin brings hustle, good defense, and some decent (small sample size) outside shooting to the team, and seems to be a solid role player for the future.

Outlook: Role Player off the bench that brings some energy/Great depth guy.

Cody Martin

Now onto the other Martin twin, and the outlook looks the same. Cody Martin does not possess the same outside shooting that his brother has, but brings down more boards and arguably plays better defense. Cody is more of a slasher and viciously attacks the rim.

His high-flying dunks and hustling for loose balls also help to put more pep in the team’s collective step, and he seems like a keeper for the future.

Outlook: Role Player/One of the first guys off of the bench.

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Malik Monk

(Disclaimer: I am still high on Malik Monk)

Some people have jumped off of the Malik Monk train, but not me, not at all. If there was Malik Monk stock, I would cautiously buy a bit only because of his latest suspension, but he grew so much as a player this year before the suspension.

He’s finally figuring it out on defense and he realized he’s a slasher and viciously attacks the rim like Hornets fans attack people who say Purple and Teal is ugly. Best jerseys in the league don’t @ me.

But going back to Monk, he also has shown his vision and knack for playmaking during this season. The Charlotte Hornets already picked up the team option for Monk for next season, and unless the suspension is VERY serious or something else big happens, Malik seems destined to be back in Buzz City next year.

I also think the team would be dumb to give up on Monk now (unless a convincing trade comes along), as they can run it back for cheap next year and evaluate him one more year.

Outlook: Scorer off the bench and potential 6th man/Potential future trade bait.

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