Charlotte Hornets: Evaluating the Roster’s Potential Future with the Team

Charlotte Hornets huddle (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)
Charlotte Hornets huddle (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Charlotte Hornets
Charlotte Hornets Nicola Batum. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

The Small Forward position might be the least convoluted in the Charlotte Hornets lineup. We’ll go over that one next.

Dwayne Bacon

Out of all Charlotte Hornets players, you could make a good argument that Dwayne Bacon has had the most disappointing season. He has the potential to become a solid two-way player, but shaky shot selection and inconsistency could hamper him in the future.

Bacon got hurt early on after a pretty shaky start, and in my opinion did not get much of a chance to prove himself again after coming back. He was playing hard and was trying to get back his legs back under him but got dropped again for Cody Martin and… Nic Batum!?!?!?

He was sent to the Swarm and lit up the G-League at first before cooling off. I still think he can be a solid player, but will that be in Charlotte? The answer is very murky currently.

Outlook: Walks in FA/Very solid player off the bench.

Nic Batum

I don’t know what to write other than Nic Batum‘s time in Charlotte after his first two years have been a major disappointment. He is frustrated about it, the fans are frustrated about it, and I assume the front office is frustrated about it too. His best use right now is really just as a mentor for the younger guys.

That’s really disheartening given his insanely unwarranted contract and with a player-option coming up that will net him over $27 million, he looks like he’s here for another year, unless the Hornets can somehow find a team that will take him.

Outlook: Mentor and then leaves after next season/Drinks Mike’s special stuff, becomes the GOAT.

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Miles Bridges

Rising Stars MVP Miles Bridges. People question his fit with PJ Washington but I think it’s fine, at least for right now. Miles has shown potential and even if a decision needs to be made eventually, the time isn’t right now.

Let them mesh and see how it turns out, then make a decision, but right now just is not the time for it. Miles has taken on a bigger role this year, and has done very well in it. His offensive game has taken a jump: His high-flying ability and (very) slightly improving 3-Ball make him a pretty usual player on the offensive end.

Miles has been tasked with guarding the other team’s best player on defense and hasn’t done terribly, but he does sometimes look lost down on the court. I think Miles can improve and become a very solid player.

Outlook: Starter/Solid player off the bench.

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