The Charlotte Hornets’ season would officially appear to be over

On Wednesday, the NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver laid out a rough plan to continue the 2019-2020 NBA season. It doesn’t bode well, though, if you were hoping to watch the Charlotte Hornets resume their season.

In what many assumed to be the case, the Charlotte Hornets will be wrapping up their season come Thursday, at 12:30 pm ET, as the league and its board of governors appear to be voting on a proposal that would schedule the top 22 teams in an eight-game regular-season finale to at last seed the NBA Playoffs.

There were reports from as late as last week that the NBA wanted to resume the season at the end of July in Orlando, with the teams participating under strict protocols to avoid having players and staff potentially exposed to COVID-19.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski was one of the first to break the news on Wednesday, detailing the process that will include possible play-in games for the eighth and ninth seeds should the two teams finish within four games of one another.

In typical Hornets fashion, they ware the 23rd ranked team, and thus, will miss out on the playoffs for the fourth straight season, the longest drought in over ten years. Six teams outside of the typical 16 will be included in this scenario, with the Washington Wizards, the current ninth seed, being the only Eastern Conference team.

Many amongst the Hornets fandom assumed this would be the case and as disappointing as this news is, it’s not very surprising. Even if Charlotte had made this expanded playoff scenario, there’s no guarantee they would have succeeded, though the team was coming off a nice road win over the Miami Heat just as the season was put on hold.

Such is life as a Hornets fan. It’s become all too common to see the team just barely miss out on something that could potentially be enjoyable, but here’s hoping that luck will change with the NBA Draft lottery that should take place in the coming months.

It’s a shame the NBA season had to end this way, but in the reality of our current times, it’s but a small drop in the bucket compared to other things going on. Still, there’s a lot in which to look forward if you’re a Charlotte Hornets fan and with the young group the team currently has, things can only get better.