Charlotte Hornets: Analyzing trade options for disgruntled Buddy Hield

With disgruntled Buddy Hield, the King are looking to ship him oud. Would the Charlotte Hornets be a good destination for the three-point phenom?

According to Jason Jones of The Athletic, (subscription required) Sacramento Kings future star Buddy Hield is reportedly not answering phone calls from head coach Luke Walton. The relationship has deteriorated to the point where Hield is ghosting on Walton. Are the Charlotte Hornets interested?

The relationship became strained when Hield was benched by Walton and Hield was interested in being traded. The Kings were close to making the playoffs and overall played well this season and Hield was a huge contributor to the offense. Hield averaged 19 points, four rebounds, and three assists per game making him the second-leading scorer behind De’Aaron Fox.

Hield is supposedly interested in joining the Philadelphia 76ers as he liked a post with an edited picture of Hield in the Philly red and blue. He also liked a comment that said, “Trust the process”, and even responded with “facts”.

However, the 76ers likely won’t have enough cap space to bring in the sharpshooter, which kinda gives teams the opportunity to pitch trades to Sacramento.

The Hornets could emerge as a possible trade candidate as they will have plenty of cap space and have talented players to offer in a swap.

Would Buddy Hield be a good addition to the Charlotte Hornets roster? 

Hield is a lights out three-point shooter with a percentage in the low 40’s. Hield ranked second in the NBA in terms of three-point field goals with 271, he also was ranked in the top five in the last two seasons. Hield ranked in the top ten in a three-point percentage on top of winning the three-point contest in last year’s All-Star weekend.

Hield is a super talented player who shoots phenomenally and can lift any team to new heights.

Hield would really play well for the Hornets and could become a starter upon arrival. Hield could help the Hornets three points struggles and could play well sharing the floor with Terry Rozier and Devonte’ Graham.

The previous All-Rookie 1st team player could find a new home in Charlotte and can greatly improve the young core for the Hornets. Offensively it would make sense to add him to the roster and his shooting would bring the Hornets within the playoff push they’re looking for.

Trade Option

The following trade options would work within the salary and would maximize talent for the Hornets.

Hornets Get
Buddy Hield
Kings Get
Malik Monk
2024 1st Round Pick
2022 2nd Round Pick

This trade does ship out the talented college star Malik Monk, however, I don’t see him playing better than Hield and Hield brings more to the offensive side of the ball. Hield outshoots and outscores Monk and can bring the Hornets to a new level of playoff contention.

Even though the Hornets ship out a first-round pick, the team is looking to be improving and that can likely be a late-round first pick. Giving up this pick sweetens the deal for the Kings and entices them to ship the sharpshooter to Charlotte.