Charlotte Hornets: How Atlanta Hawks interest in Jerami Grant will shake up Southeast Division

The Charlotte Hornets will need to watch what one of their division rivals do this offseason.

According to Mike Singer of the Denver Post reported that there are three teams interested in pursuing soon-to-be free agent Jerami Grant. The teams that are in contention are the Atlanta Hawks, Detroit Pistons, and the Phoenix Suns.

Jerami Grant is a six-year veteran facing a big free agency decision. Grant is a defensive specialist who has averaged over a block a game for most of his career. His defensive efficiency makes him a target that anytime would be glad to acquire.

What does this mean for the Charlotte Hornets Southeast division?

With the Atlanta Hawks, this could really shake up the NBA’s Southeast division. The Hawks ended at the bottom of the division, but the young talent cannot be denied. The Hawks were 21 games behind the Miami Heat, the Southeast division winner.

Jerami Grant’s possible addition to the Hawks roster should make Hornet fans worried. The Hornets only ended three games better than the Hawks but with the right pieces, they could shake up the Southeast division.

The Hawks can use Grant to strengthen their defense and with the right coaching, can be a competitive young roster in both the division and the Eastern Conference.

The Southeast division is a tough division with the Miami Heat who are in the Finals, the Orlando Magic who made the playoffs, a talented Washington Wizards led by snubbed star Bradley Beal, and the Hawks who have an incredibly talented young roster.

For the Hornets, Grant on the Hawks could make division play much harder for Charlotte. Grant can make the Hawks competitive in the East as the team will get better defensively but can add to the offense. The Hawks rank in the top 67% of the league in terms of assist percentage.  Hawk also is 15th in the league for offensive rebound percentage with an impressive 26%.

Grant can also inflict pressure on the young tandem of Terry Rozier and Devonte’ Graham. The guards are young and Grant could give them trouble after a switch on the pick and roll.

Jerami Grant’s addition to the Hawks could be tough for the Hornets and other competitors in the Southeast division. Grant can make Charlotte pay with their lack of experience at the guard position since Grant can switch on positions one through four.