Hornets: 3 trades that haunt the franchise to this day

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Here are three Charlotte Hornets trades that still sting to this day

Since the Charlotte Hornets first season in 1988, the Hornets have been on the wrong end of the stick for quite a few NBA trades. Many of the worst trades for Charlotte’s organization came from infamously cheap owner George Shinn. Shinn didn’t especially value developing young talent where whenever someone’s stock was on the rise, a trade was imminent.

The Hornets had a fairly uneventful season and didn’t trade anyone during the season. Even though the off-season featured a sign-and-trade with Terry Rozier and Kemba Walker. The Hornets stayed silent this season and just focused on developing their talent.

But with the Halloween season upon us it’s important for fans to look past the current “treats” of the Hornets young talents and to look into the past at all the “tricks”. The Hornets have been on their fair share of bad trades and this spooky season we should review those awful trades.

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