Grading the Charlotte Hornets NBA Draft Day haul

The Charlotte Hornets were destined to get good draft picks this NBA Draft and owner Michael Jordan along with the coaching staff CAPITALIZED, let’s grade the Hornets haul!

The Charlotte Hornets had a premium lottery pick in this year’s NBA Draft and with the number three pick, had the opportunity to draft the next face of the franchise, and the team made one of two acceptable decisions(for me).

With that number three pick, Swarm City had the opportunity to draft either LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman, or Onyeka Okongwu. I have never been high on Wiseman since he played so little college hoops, but I was very fond of Charlotte getting Onkongwu at the center position. But none of that matter, because the Hornets got LAMELO BALL.

Queen City residents should be rejoicing that the organization was able to score Ball, the most prolific playmaker available in the entire NBA Draft. Ball brings so much to the team on both sides of the ball, as an electric spot-up shooter and a viable defender among guards. His arrival in the city is also certain to finally bring just a piece of the limelight to Charlotte, which should do wonders for the organization’s finances in terms of jersey and ticket sales. Ball also will bring a lot of love to Swarm City, because according to Cody Taylor of RookieWire of USA Today, Ball actually donated his entire first NBL paycheck to the effects of the Australian fires.

The Hornets also were able to snag Duke superstar, Vernon Carey Jr., who I believed to be one of the best center prospects in the NBA Draft. The Charlotte Hornets were able to score the big-man with their early second-round pick and fans should be thankful that they selected the right player. At that number 32 spot in the draft, there were quite a few talented players left, but Carey may be the solution to the center position that the organization needs to drastically improve. No knock on the current starter and fan-favorite Cody Zeller, he is a talented player but when searching for a legitimate playoff push, the team will need the best weapons at their disposal on the court. Zeller has been dangled around on the trade market, but regardless of if he stays the Hornets WILL be using the talents Carey Jr.

With their final pick in the NBA Draft, the organization was able to secure the College of Charleston talent Grant Riller. Riller is a really good guard, especially when finishing around the rim, and with an open Greensboro Swarm roster, can maybe earn himself some big-boy minutes. The Charlotte Hornets’ minutes are for grab and Riller’s strong dribbling skillset may get him on the court in Spectrum Center.

The organization was also able to obtain Nick Richards of Kentucky to the roster. Richards is the third-annual Kentucky player to join the franchise(PJ Washington in 2019 and Malik Monk in 2018). Richards averaged 14 points and seven rebounds per game for the Wildcats and was one of the best wings in the SEC. Richards also made both the All-SEC team and the All-SEC Defensive team. With a really defensive wing, the Hornet’s depth at the Small Forward position will be greatly reinforced. Richards will be able to earn some minutes at the wing this season and as someone who undrafted, can have a chip on his shoulder.

The overall grade for the Charlotte Hornets NBA Draft Day haul:

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NBA Draft Rating

LaMelo Ball, Vernon Carey Jr., Grant Riller, Nick Richards Season 2020, Episode 2020


The Charlotte Hornets were able to draft the most exciting playmaker and a great spot-up shooter in LaMelo Ball, finally bringing the city their “golden child”.

Swarm City also draft one of the best center’s in college hoops adding talent to one of the biggest question marks on the roster.

Picking up Riller was finding a great hidden gem from the great city of Charleston, who brings a diverse dribble package and great finishing within the paint.

Richards was one of the best two-way players and adding him to the roster behind Washington and Bridges will be great with another young defensive forward.