Charlotte Hornets: Can LaMelo Ball be a franchise player?

Charlotte Hornets LaMelo Ball. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Charlotte Hornets LaMelo Ball. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /

The Charlotte Hornets have had a terrific turnaround in their organization throughout the past couple of seasons. Looking at some of the players Charlotte has acquired rather it’s through the draft or free agency, the Hornets have built a team that on paper, is a competing team. The NBA has altered into a game revolving around the play of the guard position, but there is a missing part to many players in the league.

When you are looking to build a championship team, it’s important to have a point guard that can make players around him better and able to defend. Kawaii Leonard is one of the most elite players in the league and has ended both of LeBron James’ dynasties, yet as far as scoring goes, it’s not his primary strength. So how does that theory pertain to the Hornets’ own LaMelo Ball?

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The Charlotte Hornets selected Ball with the third overall selection in the 2020 NBA Draft. Ball’s journey to the league was rather interesting. However, more players are starting to take a similar path instead of attending college. Ball’s transition exceeded everyone’s expectations and he had a great first season despite missing several weeks with a wrist injury.

Even though Ball was a rookie this past season, the difference in energy and chemistry when he was on the court compared to off the court was huge. He was able to impact the Hornets players around him not just with energy but how he was able to elevate their game. Seeing a player do what Ball was able to as a rookie is uncommon, but given the Hornets’ situation, and having a pick just outside the top 10, Ball could find himself with another player to complement his skill set.

The Hornets are in a very good situation and have found their point guard of the future. With additional development in his defensive skills and continued improvement on offense, Ball will be able to lead the Hornets for years to come.

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