Charlotte Hornets: 3 Keys that will help Charlotte make the playoffs

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For Charlotte Hornets fans, thinking about playoffs before a season starts has been an absurd idea since the 2004 expansion. This season though, people inside and outside the organization agree, Charlotte is a team that should contend for a playoff spot.

Playoff expectations were first established by general manager Mitch Kupchak. He made it clear the bar has been raised this season.

“Our goal is just not to get the eighth seed or to make the play-in tournament, we want to get in and we want to advance so that’s the goal,” Kupchak said. “Where and how successful we are, I don’t know right now, but yes, expectations are more than they were a year ago, and they should be.”

Those seem like very ambitious goals for a young, inexperienced Hornets team, but players such as Terry Rozier and Miles Bridges also see Charlotte as a team that can make a playoff run.

Rozier added that this season would be considered a failure if the Hornets do not make the playoffs.

For Charlotte to achieve its goal and make the playoffs, a number of things need to go right this season. In this article, we will look at three key things the Hornets need to do to secure a playoff spot this season.

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