Charlotte Hornets: 3 Trade targets that could make Charlotte contenders

Brandon Ingram, New Orleans Pelicans and Myles Turner, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Brandon Ingram, New Orleans Pelicans and Myles Turner, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) /
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The Charlotte Hornets have started the season better than anyone could have anticipated. After four games, the Hornets currently sit at 3-1 and second in the Eastern Conference. It’s early in the season and things can change quickly, but it looks like the Hornets are going to be a threat for any team that steps on the court against them this season.

Led by the young star duo of LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges, the Hornets have won some exciting games. A massive comeback win against the Indiana Pacers in game one of the season. An important tone-setter as they faced off against them that embarrassed them in the Play-In Tournament. Getting the job done against Cleveland in game two and a statement win against the Brooklyn Nets in game three.

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Charlotte came up short in overtime against the Boston Celtics but Ball and Bridges going toe to toe with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown was a special sight.

3 Trade targets that could make Charlotte contenders

As a fan, after these four games, you can’t help but have the idea of playoffs in the back of your mind. Questions about the state of this team will surely be racing through the fan base. Just how good are we? How good can Ball and Bridges be? Who can we beat in a playoff series?

You aren’t alone, the Hornets front office are likely wondering the same thing.

If Charlotte gets to the trade deadline and is sitting in a good spot in the standings they could think making a trade for a disgruntled star could move the needle for the team. The Hornets still have obvious flaws on the roster and with the future of some of the players in the roster up in the air (not Bridges, he’s staying), a big-time move could happen that could see Charlotte turn into one of the league’s actual contenders at the end of the season.

Contender and Charlotte are two words that aren’t usually said in the same sentence. A lot has to happen for anyone to think that, but if you get to the deadline and you still have two young players who are averaging 22.8 (Ball) and 25.0 (Bridges) points per game. You might just be ready to compete.

Here are three trade targets that could potentially make the Hornets contenders.

Disclaimer: I’m not going to build out any trade packages. Any package for a star-caliber player would likely involve the same couple of players and draft picks. Think Gordon Hayward + PJ Washington and a first.