Charlotte Hornets lucky to have Eric Collins & Dell Curry

It has certainly been a disappointing season for the Charlotte Hornets. Everyone has felt the weight of the losses. On Friday, the team extended their appreciation to their fans, in the last home game of the season. It was a classy and shrewd move, given that the hope coming into the season would be that the team would break its playoff drought. And although the starting lineup of Friday’s game likely wasn’t recognizable to large segments of the fanbase, the players at least got some important development time on the NBA stage.

It can be tough to root for a squad that had its postseason dreams cut so early in the year. What is less conspicuous is the toll it takes on those around the team. The established players were disappointed, but not having a winning season also means that those that cover the team (ahem) must find new and interesting ways to engage the fan base. No one does a better job of that than the announcing duo of Eric Collins and Dell Curry.

What makes the Charlotte Hornets duo exceptional?

Collins, the play-by-play announcer, and Curry on the color are charged with describing what is happening on the court. As the Hornets’ announcers, they take in the events from the point of view of the Hornets while also keeping some objectivity. The tag team also is obligated to keep the spirits up of the fans that are rooting for the Hornets. That is not easy to do for a team that has the fourth-most losses this season. But there they were on Friday, fully engaged and energetic in the waning minutes of game 81.

Sure, they are professionals getting paid to call the game. But it isn’t easy to continuously analyze a team that is consistently losing. Collins, famous for his in-game quips, bits of player trivia, and unique vernacular has been a delight, as always. Curry, the father of NBA players Steph and Seth Curry plays his role as a color analyst perfectly. The former NBA player and Charlotte Hornets alum dissects time and scenario perfectly. He also helps put the viewer in the heads of the players and explains the reasoning behind their performances in a simple and digestible manner.

The two have worked together for years, and their chemistry is obvious. The back-and-forth banter they slide into helps the viewer to feel like they’re sitting down with two old friends discussing the game. Their ability to still be entertaining and informative is crucial, particularly in the games that haven’t been tightly contested (the Hornets are -6.4 in net rating, 27th in the league). They’ve made a tough season less miserable and should be applauded for their efforts. The best reward would be for the pair to have more competitive games to preside over next season.