These people should represent the Charlotte Hornets at the NBA draft lottery

Charlotte Hornets Mitch Kupchak. Mandatory Credit: Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports
Charlotte Hornets Mitch Kupchak. Mandatory Credit: Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Charlotte Hornets have the biggest moment upcoming for the team this season, and perhaps in franchise history, with the NBA lottery selection sequencing being revealed Tuesday evening. With perhaps the best basketball prospect quickly about to become a part of the NBA, the Hornets may be able to change the course of the franchise. The Hornets currently have the longest playoff drought in the league and could use some good draft luck.

The Hornets have been better in the draft of late. They selected LaMelo Ball, who went on to win the 2021 Rookie of the Year. And the most recent pick, Mark Williams, showed flashes in his limited playing time. The Hornets will look to build on their good fortunes in the upcoming draft. And will have two first-round draft picks to do so.

But before the actual selection occurs, the NBA will have a made-for-tv moment, where the draft lottery sequence is revealed live on air. And part of the entertainment is figuring out who will be the physical representation at the event of each team.

So while we know who is reportedly going to represent the Hornets, these are the list of players who SHOULD represent the Charlotte Hornets.

Michael Jordan

Ok, this feels like a no-brainer. Having the best basketball player ever who is also the franchise owner, is perfect. You saw the Last Dance, he never loses. No way he could lose out on the drafting rights to Victor Wembanyama. Securing Wembanyama’s rights could have larger implications than the Hornets being better/making the playoffs. Earlier this season there was a report that Jordan was interested in selling his majority share of the team. Imagine staring at Jordan, arguably the best story imaginable for the league, and telling him that he won’t be getting the number one pick.

It’s hard to imagine that if Jordan won the first pick in the upcoming NBA draft, that he would still sell his stake in the team. There’s a reason why no businessperson advises on selling when the business is at its lowest. The team could go from having the largest playoff drought to two of the most recognizable figures in the sport in a matter of a couple of days. No pressure.