Why the Charlotte Hornets cannot afford to pass on Scoot Henderson

Scoot Henderson, Charlotte Hornets (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)
Scoot Henderson, Charlotte Hornets (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images) /
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With one day remaining before the 2023 NBA Draft, excitement continues to grow among Charlotte Hornets fans. Ever since the team landed the second overall pick in the draft more than a month ago, the opportunity to add an ultra-talented prospect to the roster has been drawing closer and closer.

No, Charlotte did not obtain the ultimate prize of the top pick and the right to select the most hyped prospect in a generation in Victor Wembanyama, but they got the next best thing. Entering the draft lottery with just 12.2 percent odds at getting the second pick, the Hornets still have to feel good about their current situation.

Now comes the question of who they should select. For much of the 2022-23 NBA season, Scoot Henderson of the G League Ignite was considered far and away the second-best prospect in the 2023 draft class. Many analysts stated that if Wembanyama did not exist, Henderson would be a clear choice for the number one pick.

But a few months ago, the narrative started to shift. Talk of Alabama’s Brandon Miller being the better choice at pick number two started to surface, and fans began debating who they believe the team should have their sights set on.

Miller, along with Amen Thompson and others projected near the top of the draft, are all extremely skilled and valuable prospects that any team would be lucky to draft. But with the unique opportunity the Hornets have in front of them, they simply cannot afford to miss out on Scoot Henderson.

Scoot Henderson’s talent is undeniable.

The first reason why Charlotte needs to bite the bullet and draft Henderson is his sky-high natural ability. Playing in a league of mostly grown men this past season, Scoot more than held his own and showed why he has All-Star potential once he reaches the NBA.

Henderson is in a league of his own among his draft classmates when it comes to pure speed and athletic ability. His explosiveness makes him a lethal threat to score off the bounce, and he can play above the rim far better than the majority of players his size. It is one of the main reasons he has drawn comparisons to the likes of a young Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose.

While no player is perfect, Scoot is about as close as you can find to the ideal point guard prospect. His body is already built out and NBA-ready, and he has all the physical tools needed to succeed at the next level. He is set up to maximize his potential in the best way possible.