3 Reasons to be excited for Hornets upcoming season

LaMelo Ball, Charlotte Hornets. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
LaMelo Ball, Charlotte Hornets. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /
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Being a Charlotte Hornets fan can be tough. Years of roster mismanagement and poor recruitment have meant Hornets fans rarely get to root for their team during the postseason. As such, there’s always a sense of apathy at the start of a new season, where cautious optimism quickly gives way to the realization that, once again, nothing will be different.

This year feels different. The Hornets’ front office finally seems to have settled on the direction they want to take their roster. A plan appears to be in place.

Sure, neither Gordon Hayward nor Terry Rozier were traded over the offseason, and their roles within the rotation are both questionable in terms of long-term fit, but that doesn’t take away from the restraint shown throughout the free agency period.

While a big splash would have been nice, it would have only confused the apparent vision of developing young talent through the draft. Besides, even without a marquee summer addition, Charlotte features to be much-improved compared to the team we saw last season.

Here are three reasons to be excited about the 2023-24 season.

#1 The Charlotte Hornets are healthy

LaMelo Ball, Miami Heat v Charlotte Hornets
LaMelo Ball, Charlotte Hornets. (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) /

Injuries ravaged the Hornets last season. I mean, tore them apart like a pack of rabid wolves stumbling upon an injured deer. LaMelo Ball’s ankle injury was the primary shot that took the Hornets off their feet, but injuries to Cody Martin, Gordon Hayward, Kelly Oubre Jr., and others all played their part throughout the season.

Factor in Miles Bridges’ absence from the team, and the Hornets were running a skeleton staff for the majority of the year. No wonder the team finished last in offensive rating.

Fortunately, this year projects to be different. The hope is that Ball’s injury struggles are behind him, and the Hornets’ reliance on Hayward has been lessened by the addition of Brandon Miller. While Bridges is also back in the rotation, and Oubre Jr. doesn’t project to be with the franchise.

With a fully healthy roster, the Hornets will be better. It’s only logical. Have your best players available, and perform to a higher level. The math works out. If Charlotte can keep their best players on the court and afford their young talent enough minutes to aid their development, the upcoming season could be the turning point for the franchise, or at least, the current iteration of it.