Hornets: Kai Jones continues bizarre social media behavior

Charlotte Hornets big man Kai Jones does not know when to quit, does he? Days after taking to Instagram and criticizing some of his teammates, Jones decided to log on to Twitter/X and is taking things to the next level. Not only is Jones saying he is better than some of his teammates, but he has decided to go after a few legends of the game as well.

Jones responded to someone regarding Hornets teammates LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller.


While Jones is correct, his field goal percentage (56.7) is higher than Ball’s (42.6%) and Miller’s at Alabama (43%), and guarding him would be a challenge for both, he is still significantly less talented than Ball and possibly Miller. However, championing field goal percentage for someone who takes 74.6% of his field goal attempts within 10 feet is missing the plot entirely when it comes to overall talent.

Jones did not stop with his teammates, stating that he would beat LeBron James in a 1v1.

This is pure absolute nonsense. The only way Jones beats James in a 1v1 is on NBA2K because it surely is not happening on an actual basketball court.

Jones would continue, stating he would “cook prime diesel”, delusion at its highest level. Even late-career Shaquille O’Neal would be a much safer bet over Jones.


Some reality was finally brought to the table as Jones’ career average of 2.7 points per game was entered into the conversation. Jones’s response? More nonsense. Stating that the new version of him is MVP and DPOY.

When asked to explain the New Kai Jones, he did not have anything resembling an adequate response.

There’s a better chance the New Jan Brady makes an appearance on the court for the Hornets rather than the New Kai Jones. It takes a lot more than just not missing pull-up jumpers to go from bench warmer averaging 12 minutes per game to a player that is MVP and Defensive Player of the Year caliber.

The only thing that would make any sense is Jones embracing his inner George Costanza, doing the complete opposite of what most people would do. While Costanza’s tactics ultimately landed him a job with the New York Yankees, Jones could find himself on the other end of that spectrum should his behavior continue. It may be the best path forward for everyone involved.