Charlotte Hornets land Tyler Herro in mock trade proposal

Tyler Herro vs. Charlotte Hornets. Photo by David Jensen/Getty Images
Tyler Herro vs. Charlotte Hornets. Photo by David Jensen/Getty Images /

Could the Charlotte Hornets find a way to be involved in a deal that seems them land Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro? That is what has been proposed in a recent article appearing on NBA Analysis Network.

Charlotte’s inclusion in the deal is to help facilitate the most-anticipated non-trade of the offseason, Damian Lillard to Miami. The Lillard sweepstakes has been put on hold for the time being, but this deal is one of three proposed to help the Heat land Lillard.

The Hornets would be receiving Herro in exchange for Gordon Hayward and a first-round draft selection in 2025, both going to the Trail Blazers. Portland would also receive Duncan Robinson in addition to Miami’s first-round draft picks in 2027 and 2029. The author believes that this would help improve the Hornets, although there is a level of risk involved.

"“Well, they could use a dynamic off-ball threat like Herro to pair with LaMelo Ball in their backcourt. This team should make the Hornets a better team. Sure, it’s a risky move for a rebuilding team to part with a first-rounder. Still, the Hornets could justify it – they’re getting a young player in return.”"

There is something important to note about the status of Charlotte’s future first-round draft selections. A top 14 protection is placed on it for the 2024 and 2025 seasons, with it going to San Antonio should it land outside the protected range. Operating under the assumption in this scenario that the Hornets are improved enough with Herro on their roster, that pick would go to the Spurs this year, with 2025’s being used in the deal to acquire his services.

Being without first-round draft selections in back-to-back years may be too much at this point in Charlotte’s rebuild process. This is a team that needs potential blue-chip talent, and missing out on opportunities to select that in the draft in consecutive years may not be the best path forward at this moment in time.

This is less about Herro, as his addition would clearly make the Hornets better but mostly rooted in the fact that speeding up their rebuild at the wrong time can have disastrous consequences. Charlotte is at least one year away from being in a position to press fast forward on their team-building process. As tempting as it may be to dump Hayward and acquire Herro, the potential cost of draft capital is just too steep at this moment in time to seriously consider this mock deal