2024 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Hornets get perfect piece, Lakers shock the league

In this 2024 NBA Mock Draft, the Charlotte Hornets would get a great player at pick No. 6 and the Los Angeles Lakers would shock the league.
2024 NBA Draft, NBA Mock Draft, Charlotte Hornets, Cody Williams, Los Angeles Lakers, Donovan Clingan
2024 NBA Draft, NBA Mock Draft, Charlotte Hornets, Cody Williams, Los Angeles Lakers, Donovan Clingan / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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3. Reed Sheppard, Kentucky | Houston Rockets

This is a very clear selection for the Houston Rockets. Reed Sheppard is a top-tier talent on both sides of the ball, and he would slot in perfectly with the Houston Rockets’ current core.

4. Stephon Castle, UConn | San Antonio Spurs

Bringing in Stephon Castle to be their point guard would be a great choice for the San Antonio Spurs. Castle’s defensive talent, build, and overall basketball IQ would slot in beautifully next to the Spurs’ current core, led by Victor Wembanyama.

5. TRADE | Lakers get No. 5 pick, Jaden Ivey, Jordan Hawkins, Evan Fournier | Pistons get Brandon Ingram, Rui Hachimura, No. 21 pick, Two future second-round picks (via LAL) | Pelicans get Austin Reaves, Isaiah Stewart, No. 17 pick

Lakers select Donovan Clingan

Well, this would shock the league.

In this deal, the Los Angeles Lakers would jump up in the draft and snag UConn big man Donovan Clingan. They may not have gotten Dan Hurley, but they can get another Husky in this deal.

The Lakers played well with Anthony Davis at center this past year, but when they won the title in 2020, they ran double bigs. Bringing in Clingan would give them a chance to get back to that look with an elite young center prospect.

On top of that, they would add Jaden Ivey, solidifying a young team with a ton of promise, as well as a group of guys that can help LeBron James and Davis compete in the immediate future. Jordan Hawkins’ shooting would give them a nice boost, too.

Detroit would snag Brandon Ingram in this trade, helping them propel forward with Cade Cunningham at the head of the snake. They should be grabbing a ton of talent to help compete for the playoffs. Rui Hachimura would help them in that regard, too.

Lastly, the Pelicans are reportedly looking to trade Ingram, and this would be a nice haul for him and Hawkins. Austin Reaves would be a great fit on their team, and he’s on a cheaper contract. Isaiah Stewart seems like a nice fit with Zion Williamson, too.