3 Charlotte Hornets who are expendable, and 2 they cannot afford to trade

Charlotte Hornets v Milwaukee Bucks
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The 2023-24 NBA season has not gotten off to the best start, and it is unlikely that the fortunes of this team are going to change for the better anytime soon. With the likelihood of being far removed from the playoff picture is high, determining which players are expendable and who should not be available in trade talks is an absolute must for the organization.

Gordon Hayward - Expendable

This is an obvious entry into this list and one that anyone and everyone should have expected. The Charlotte Hornets are having difficulty recording wins currently, and Gordon Hayward is in the final year of the four-year deal he signed in free agency prior to the 2020-21 season. When it comes to the obvious and perfect candidate to be traded before the NBA trade deadline, it is Hayward.

A trade at some point this year would benefit both parties. The Hornets would be able to clear some minutes in their rotations that can be dispersed to younger players on the roster, with the hope they can develop in their new larger roles. For Hayward, the 33-year-old veteran would be in a position to be an impact player on a playoff team looking to shore up their roster before a run into and through the postseason. Everybody wins.