3 Charlotte Hornets who are expendable, and 2 they cannot afford to trade

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Ish Smith - Expendable

The second stint of North Carolina native Ish Smith with the Charlotte Hornets had some feel good qualities to it, but when it comes to the possible longevity of this reunion, it was never guaranteed.

Smith is still someone that contending teams would like to acquire at or before the deadline in an effort to round out their roster. The 35-year-old veteran point guard was part of the 2023 NBA Champion Denver Nuggets last season, playing just under 10 minutes in 43 games last season. It is not hard to envision a similar role being carved out on a championship-contending team at some point this season.

The end date on Smith's time in Charlotte will ultimately come down to if and when with a strong emphasis on when the Hornets decide to trade away their veteran players. Smith is currently seeing just under 16 minutes of time on the court in 12 games this season, and it may be better utilized to help facilitate the development of younger players. It would not be a lot of time when spread out among multiple players, but it still could prove to a be useful redistribution of minutes to younger players that they need answers on.