3 Charlotte Hornets who are expendable, and 2 they cannot afford to trade

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JT Thor - Expendable

There are certain players who clearly are and clearly are not part of a competitive future with the Charlotte Hornets. Third-year forward, JT Thor.

Thor's 16.5 minutes per game ranks ninth in average minutes played, but his 3.8 points scored ranks as the fourth-lowest. There is only one player scoring fewer points per game playing minutes of consequence (Ish Smith 3.4 points in 15.9 minutes).

When looking at what Thor has been able to provide in his young career, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to justify his place on the roster. Thor has not been able to make any sort of tangible impact or show any signs of improvement, with his rookie, second, and third seasons being relatively similar.

Even though Thor is still only 21 years old and is being given plenty of chances to show signs of noticeable development, it simply has not happened yet, and it is easy to wonder if it ever will. Thor is only really seeing the amount of time on the court due to the Hornets not being in a position where wins are coming at a high rate. This allows them to give players who may be on the roster bubble on other teams a longer look than they would otherwise get. While this can occasionally result in an overlooked player showing he is capable of a larger role, it does not seem like this will be the case when it comes to Thor.