3 Gordon Hayward trades that would accelerate the Hornets' rebuild

Gordon Hayward
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Mavericks receive: Gordon Hayward

Hornets receive: Richaun Holmes, Grant Williams, Markieff Morris, and Jaden Hardy

The Mavericks are desperate for some playable NBA wings around Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving and Hayward would certainly fit the bill. The Grant Williams signing has been a disaster, but the Hornets could afford to live through his growing pains and eat the deal.

Holmes could actually be somewhat useful with the Hornets dire situation at center and they could potentially revive his value to flip him again, while Morris is just an expiring contract at this point. The bounty of this deal for the Hornets would be the promising 21 year old, Jaden Hardy. Hardy, an athletic 21 year old guard can handle the ball, shoot, and provide some secondary creation.

He’s struggling to find minutes in the crowded Dallas backcourt, but could be a solid off-guard to LaMelo Ball. Ultimately, this price tag may be too high for Dallas, but they need to make a move pretty badly and don’t have much to work with.