3 Hornets who need a monster second half to save their job

Memphis Grizzlies v Charlotte Hornets
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LaMelo Ball

This name will immediately jump off the page and have people in an uproar, but hear me out. No, I’m not saying that Ball’s actual job with the team is in any jeopardy. Of course, it isn’t. What I’m saying is that his role as the centerpiece of the franchise and its rebuild is.

Over the past month or so, Brandon Miller has been steadily showing signs of future stardom and even leadership, displaying stuff well beyond his years. He also profiles as more of a two-way player than Ball who can impact the game on defense as well as offense.

Point guards aren’t usually the best players on championship teams anyway, and Miller fits the prototype a lot better. On top of that, Ball just hasn’t been able to stay healthy and has been largely unreliable over his now four-year Hornets career.

If it hasn’t happened already, there is a real chance that the owners and front office start building the team through the lens of building around Miller more than LaMelo. The big rangy two-way forward should theoretically be easier to build around anyway for what it’s worth.

Ball needs to come back and restore order for this to change. He has to prove that he can stay on the court and lead the offense, scoring and setting up the likes of Bridges and Miller, rather than stifling their momentum.

This is a big offseason coming up for the Hornets and they have to be very clear and decisive with their plans. At the moment it may be tough to argue those plans should be to accentuate Ball over Miller. If he doesn’t return to his all-star form soon, things may get really interesting in Charlotte.