3 Hornets who need a monster second half to save their job

Memphis Grizzlies v Charlotte Hornets
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Davis Bertans

Bertans is probably the only guy currently in the rotation who is actually somewhat playing for his NBA career. The 31-year-old Latvian Laser, Bertans has struggled to stay in NBA rotations for the better part of three seasons since being dealt by the Wizards.

He was a fringe guy for the Mavericks, and fringe is probably generous for his status in Oklahoma City. But so far in Charlotte, Bertans has played in all three games with the team, playing 12 minutes a night and chucking up 15 total shots, all threes, of which he has made 5.

Bertans also has a $16 million salary for next season which is only very partially guaranteed. So these next two months are a sort of audition in a way. If he can prove to be a useful sharpshooter and veteran leader off the bench, the Hornets may guarantee his contract and keep him around.

They can easily afford to do so if they find him to be helpful, and he could even be used in a trade as an attractive expiring contract. There are benefits to having him around.

But if he doesn’t look like an NBA player anymore, the Hornets may easily just decide to part ways at the end of the season and let Bertans go. If that’s what transpires, it’s hard to imagine he’d get another shot in the NBA, and would likely head overseas to finish out his playing career.