3 teams that could tempt the Hornets into making a LaMelo Ball trade this offseason

Charlotte Hornets v Portland Trail Blazers
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Trade 1: Wemby gets a co-star

Lamelo Spur

The Spurs have been mentioned as a team that could make a big splash this offseason and it’s pretty clear why. Victor Wembanyama is a generational talent, and despite his young age, he looks ready to win now. 

But the roster around him is paltry and they desperately need a true lead guard to run the offense and help maximize Wemby’s talent. Enter LaMelo Ball. The Spurs have already been rumored to be interested in Trae Young.

Well, why not go for a younger, bigger, more athletic point guard in LaMelo? At just 22 years old, Ball would be an optimal running mate for Wemby and the two of them would instantly make San Antonio games must-watch TV.

The Spurs also have an absurd amount of draft picks and could blow the Hornets away pretty easily. They would likely have to deal Keldon Johnson for salary matching, and could throw in a decent young role player like Tre Jones as well.

But the bulk of the trade would come down to draft picks. The Spurs could give the Hornets their 2024 pick - which will likely be in the top 5. They also own the Hawks’ first-round pick for the next three seasons and hold the rights to picks from several other teams in the next seven years.

On top of that, the Spurs could give Charlotte back the rights to their own 2024 pick, which is lottery-protected for 2024 and 2025 before turning into second-round picks. That pick is unlikely to convey anyway, but getting the full rights back would offer a ton of flexibility for the Hornets.

Johnson and Jones are two solid young role players on reasonable contracts and adding 3-4 more first-round picks (some pretty good ones too) to their asset chest would suddenly have the Hornets in really good shape for the future.