3 Things Hornets fans can still root for this season

Indiana Pacers v Charlotte Hornets
Indiana Pacers v Charlotte Hornets / David Jensen/GettyImages
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As it stands, the NBA All-Star break is upon us, and the Hornets are all but eliminated from playoff contention. Sitting at 13-41 and 13th place in the Eastern Conference, even with the recent spurt following the trade deadline, it would take a near miracle for this team to win anything meaningful this season.

The team would have to win out, going 28-0 the rest of the way just to finish .500, with a 41-41 record, and even that wouldn’t guarantee a spot in the play-in tournament. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for this season. It’s not just a slow crawl to the finish line, there are actually still plenty of reasons for Hornets fans to tune in and watch the team.

I’m sure there are plenty of casual and fairweather fans who have tuned out long ago, and it’s hard to blame them. But I would advise those fans to consider hopping on the bandwagon now before it gets crowded.

These types of games, with seemingly little or no stakes, can often be stretches where teams come together and build something that can be carried into the future. The Hornets would love to jumpstart a turnaround now and hit the ground running when the 2024-25 season kicks off.

So for any fans out there looking for a reason to keep watching the team, here are three things Hornets fans can tune in and root for on a nightly basis for the rest of the season.