4 Hornets who may not be back next season

A few players from this year's roster may not be back in Charlotte next season.
JT Thor, Charlotte Hornets
JT Thor, Charlotte Hornets / Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports
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JT Thor

The 37th overall pick from the 2021 NBA Draft, JT Thor is another role player who has struggled to find playing time for a team that has landed in the lottery in each of the three seasons of his career. After JT played just one season in college for Auburn University, there was plenty of reason to be excited about his potential.

After all, looking at his build and play style, it seemed Thor would be a seamless fit in the most athletic basketball league in the world. Joining the Hornets as a rangy three-and-D wing, JT becoming a rotation player seemed to be almost an inevitability.

His first career bucket was an and-one dunk against the 76ers in December 2021, and Thor appeared to be right on track to become a serious contributor for the Hornets in no time. But since then, JT's production has simply not blossomed the way many were expecting.

The 2022-23 season was where Thor received his most opportunity with 14.0 minutes a night and eight starts in 69 games played. But he still averaged just 3.8 points and shot just 39% from the floor. If Charlotte finds a wing in the upcoming draft they believe to be an upgrade over JT, they may opt not to pick up his option for next season.