4 Hornets who may not be back next season

A few players from this year's roster may not be back in Charlotte next season.
JT Thor, Charlotte Hornets
JT Thor, Charlotte Hornets / Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports
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Davis Bertans

Joining the Hornets at the deadline two months ago, Davis Bertans found new life in Charlotte after playing just 6.1 minutes per game this season with the Oklahoma City Thunder. For the final 29 games of the season, he saw his highest minute total since the 2020-21 season, and provided some much needed three-point shooting for the team.

Since he came into the league, Bertans has been a three-point shooter first and foremost. In fact, he did not even attempt a single two-point shot for his first six games with the Hornets. For a roster that had lost considerable three-point shooting ability when it lost Terry Rozier, Gordon Hayward and P.J. Washington, Davis' knockdown shot from behind the arc became a huge lift.

But all things considered, there is no guarantee Bertans will be playing anywhere near his same high minute total again next season. With LaMelo Ball, Mark Williams, Cody Martin and Seth Curry all potentially returning at full health, Davis will likely be pushed further down the rotation.

It is possible Charlotte would prefer to bring Curry back over Bertans, as Seth can provide a lot of similar shooting power while being more versatile offensively and having a lower price tag. Davis currently has a player option for next season, so he can opt out of the final year of his current contract to pursue a new deal with another team if he so chooses.