4 Hornets who may not be back next season

A few players from this year's roster may not be back in Charlotte next season.
JT Thor, Charlotte Hornets
JT Thor, Charlotte Hornets / Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports
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Marques Bolden

The Hornets' most recent addition of the 2023-24 season, Marques Bolden joined Charlotte on a 10-day contract back on February 20, and was inked to a subsequent two-way deal on March 2. The acquisition of the big man was part of an effort to fill needs on a roster reeling from players lost to injury.

Bolden was only around for the final six weeks of Charlotte's season, but he scored efficiently and rebounded at a decent clip as well. He was not given a ton of opportunity, but Marques by and large made the most of the chances he was given.

Of course, the big man of the future for the Hornets remains Mark Williams, and Nick Richards has continued to prove his value as a high-level backup. As such, it is difficult to see where on this team Marques Bolden would be a clear and obvious fit.

Due to roster needs and the fact that he was signed essentially as an injury replacement player, Marques might be the player least likely to return to the Hornets next season. There is probably still a chance for him around the league given what he showed in a Hornets uniform, but it does not seem likely the organization will prioritize keeping him around.