5 Hornets trades to watch for ahead of NBA trade deadline

Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat
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Trade 2: Bridges Heads Home

Hornets Receive:

Monte Morris (1yr/$9.8 Million)

Marcus Sasser (4yrs/$10.4 Million)

2024 Second-Round Pick (Best of Washington/Memphis)

Pistons Receive:

Miles Bridges (1yr/$7.9 Million)

It is important to note that when Miles Bridges signed the qualifying offer, part of that deal is a no-trade clause. If the Hornets are going to trade him, it has to be somewhere upon which he agrees.

It was just 18 months ago that the Pistons were prepared to offer Miles Bridges a contract of around $30 million annually. Due to unforeseen circumstances I wont touch on, the deal fell through. 

The Pistons, now arguably one of the worst American sports teams ever, are in desperate need of veteran leadership and elite talent to right the ship. This season, Miles Bridges is averaging a career-high in points, rebounds, and three-pointers made per game. While he isn't some elite shooter, he would instantly become one of the better floor spacers on the team, at 35.5% on six attempts per game.

It's worth noting that the Pistons would not retain Bridges' Bird Rights in the deal since he signed the Qualifying Offer last offseason, but the Pistons would get a head start on pitching him to sign a long term deal in Detroit.

The Hornets get potentially the backup point guard of the future in Marcus Sasser, who is someone I was extremely high on heading into last season's draft. He brings innate intensity, particularly on the defensive side of the ball, and an elite sense of playmaking for his age.

They also receive a solid, reliable backup point guard in Monte Morris, who averages a solid ten points and four assists on 39% from three.

Finally, they retain yet another valuable draft asset. While it may be a second-round pick, it is the best of either Washington or Memphis' pick, which means it will almost definitely fall in the 31-33 range, effectively making it a first-round pick, or at least as close as you can get to it as possible.