5 Hornets trades to watch for ahead of NBA trade deadline

Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat
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Trade 5: Lowry Join Eastern Conference Competitor

Hornets Receive:

Marcus Morris Sr. (1yr/$17.1 Million)

Paul Reed (3yrs/$22.8 Million)

Jaden Springer (2yr/$6.2 Million)

2026 First-Round Pick (Worst of LAC, OKC, Houston, Top 20 Protected)

76ers Receive:

Kyle Lowry (1yr/$29.6 Million)

The 76ers would receive a veteran in Kyle Lowry, who brings plenty of all-important playoff experience as they look to make a deep push this playoffs. He brings a steady hand and mind in the intense moments and can guide young guard Tyrese Maxey through the most tumultuous point of the season, particularly for young lead guards.

Most importantly, though, this deal opens up $101.9 million in cap space this off-season, which they can elect to use in free agency or to target big-time names in the trade market. To put it into perspective, this would be the most cap space of any team this offseason.

If things blow up in their faces this post-season as they seemingly so often do, the 76ers can ramp up a full roster overhaul to capitalize on the impending primes of Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. They would have have five tradeable first-round picks and all the cap space in the world.

If things finally do right, the 76ers can bring back everyone and still have two max spots available to further build on their success.

The Hornets would take on the contracts of Paul Reed and Marcus Morris, whilst receiving a first-round pick and Jaden Springer in the process. While the pick has next to no value and is closer to a second-round pick than anything, it is still technically a first-rounder. The Hornets should be thrilled to take one of those in for half a season of Kyle Lowry.

They would also receive somewhat promising backup big Paul Reed, who can take the chance to shine in a bigger offensive role in Charlotte behind Mark Williams (with the departure of Nick Richards). The Hornets could also get an extended look at the 21-year-old former first round pick, Jaden Springer.