Acquisition of Bulls' star would take pressure off of Hornets' Ball

Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors
Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

It is more than clear that the Charlotte Hornets are a team with their best days ahead of them. But what if there was a way to make those better days arrive faster?

This possibility not only appears to be a popular suggestion but one that the Hornets may be considering. It was not too long ago that it was suggested that there is a level of interest referred to as strong regarding a possible acquisition of Chicago Bulls star guard Zach LaVine.

While it does appear they are slow-playing it right now, the fact the Hornets are mentioned alongside teams in a state of contention shows they are not satisfied with letting things play out as they stand currently. Instead, Charlotte has recognized a way that they could improve and take some pressure off of their best player, LaMelo Ball. It is that latter point that is a driving force behind making a connection with Charlotte and LaVine in a recently published article. 

The article in question is NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Way-too-early 2024 trade deadline target for all 30 teams from Sir Charles In Charge's Michael Saenz, in his attempt to play matchmaker for players likely to be dealt and potential landing spots.

" I'm not sure if LaVine is a player that works in the long run for the Hornets but he could be viewed as a veteran presence that could help take some of the pressure off of LaMelo Ball."

Michael Saenz on Zach LaVine

This point needs to be copied/pasted or printed out and shown to every decision-maker in Charlotte. Finding a way to take pressure off of their franchise player to do everything himself needs to be at or near the top of their priorities list. Ball is an incredibly dynamic player, but that can only take a team so far, as evidenced by what has played out this season. If that is not convincing enough, perhaps the increased ticket sales that Saenz also mentioned could be enough to motivate them to work toward making a deal.

The rebuild game is a delicate one to begin with, but that only becomes more difficult for teams like Charlotte. It is incredibly tempting to let things play out as constructed, and if the circumstances were different, that may be the course they would take. However, it is the change in ownership, in addition to the need for Mitch Kupchak and Steve Clifford needing to prove they should remain in place after the season, which could alter a plan that would be considered risk-averse. Making a move for LaVine would show that they are ready to make a serious push forward as an organization. A push that would be definitely worth considering.