Latest Hornets mock draft selection doesn’t make any sense for Charlotte

A recent mock draft has the Charlotte Hornets taking Donovan Clingan over Reed Sheppard, and that doesn't make any sense.
Charlotte Hornets, 2024 NBA Draft, Donovan Clingan, Reed Sheppard
Charlotte Hornets, 2024 NBA Draft, Donovan Clingan, Reed Sheppard / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

The NBA Draft Lottery was unkind to the Charlotte Hornets this year, as their selection fell to sixth. That said, they will still have the opportunity to bring home a solid young talent.

This year’s draft isn’t as strong as it has been in recent years, however, so the Hornets will have to be extra careful if they want to ensure that they nail their pick.

For the past few weeks, there have been a ton of NBA Mock Drafts floating around, and David Cobb of CBS Sports just released his latest.

However, his mock selection for the Hornets at pick six doesn’t make much sense.

Mock draft having Hornets select Donovan Clingan over Reed Sheppard doesn't make any sense

Cobb has the Hornets picking UConn big man Donovan Clingan sixth overall. He noted Clingan’s potential fit next to LaMelo Ball, also stating that the center would “immediately elevate the rim protection of a team that ranked 25th in the NBA.”

But that fails to take into account that Mark Williams exists. And not only does he exist, but he was awesome in the games that he was able to play this season.

Williams has been dealing with a back issue that has kept him out since the early stages of December, but when he was on the court, he was a real game-changer for the Hornets.

His height, athleticism, and defensive presence make him a solid fit on this roster, and taking a center in the draft would seriously hurt his development.

Clingan is an amazing player, so it’s hard to argue that the Hornets should just pass up on him, but the biggest reason why this selection doesn’t make any sense is something that doesn’t have to do with him at all.

In this mock draft, Reed Sheppard would still be on the board.

Cobb has Sheppard mocked at pick nine, going to the Memphis Grizzlies. If Sheppard is still on the board at six, the Hornets should be drooling over the chance to select him.

His defensive instincts, insane vertical leap, shot creation, shooting, and ability to play on and off the ball make him a perfect fit for this Charlotte team.

Selecting Clingan over Reed, especially when Williams is already on the roster, would be a wild choice for the Hornets to make.