6 Hornets free agency targets with Kemba Walker connections

Here are six Charlotte Hornets free agency targets with connections to Kemba Walker, now that he has joined the coaching staff.
Charlotte Hornets, Kemba Walker, NBA Free Agency
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5. Kevin Knox

This is by far the most out-of-left-field idea on this list. Most of the people getting suggested would be veteran presences for the Hornets, but Kevin Knox would be a developmental project.

Kemba Walker and Knox played together on the New York Knicks, and while Walker’s time with the blue and orange didn’t work out, he was still teammates with some solid players.

Unfortunately, Knox wasn’t necessarily one of those guys. But Charlotte is planning for the future. Knox was a lottery pick for a reason, and he’s still only 24 years old, so if the Hornets feel like taking a flier, he wouldn’t be a bad one.

6. JaVale McGee

Vibes. Just vibes. That would be the reason the Hornets would consider bringing JaVale McGee on board, and it’s a role that he’s played plenty of times in the NBA.

Walker played with McGee during his very brief stint with the Dallas Mavericks during the 2022-23 season. They only appeared in seven games together.

Having a fun veteran like McGee around to help the Hornets’ young core would be a nice way to keep the vibes high, as long as McGee is okay playing that part. Hopefully, he could stay off of Shaqtin’ a Fool.