Full details of Hornets-Celtics Gordon Hayward finally revealed after 3 years

The full details of the Gordon Hayward trade the Charlotte Hornets made with the Boston Celtics are finally set after three years.
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When the Charlotte Hornets traded for Gordon Hayward over three years ago, it was an interesting move. They clearly wanted to get better, and Hayward was done with the Boston Celtics, so they pounced.

Fast forward to now, and the trade doesn’t look as ideal for the Hornets, though they didn’t actually lose much. All they lost was the cap space during those seasons.

Full details of Hornets Gordon Hayward trade with Celtics finally revealed after 3 years

However, the final tally of the trade didn’t come to a conclusion until this year, as the Hornets got back two second-round picks in the deal. One was in 2023, but the second was in 2024, meaning the selection was made this year.

The trade for Hayward was effectively just a way for the Celtics to create a TPE—one that ended up being the largest in NBA history. Charlotte sent them a conditional 2022 second-round pick, and the Celtics sent the Hornets Hayward and the aforementioned two seconds.

The pick in 2022 did not convey, but the 2023 second-rounder turned into Trayce Jackson-Davis, who landed with the Golden State Warriors via a different deal prior to the selection.

And finally, the 2024 pick ended up being the final selection in the draft—German center Ariel Hukporti.

If that name sounds familiar, that’s because it might be. Hukporti is the same name involved in the finaliztion of the PJ Washington trade with the Dallas Mavericks.

Charlotte dealt the 2024 second-rounder they got from Boston in the Hayward deal to the Mavericks, getting back Grant Williams, Seth Curry, and a 2027 first-round pick.

But before there was the Washington trade, there was the Hayward trade, and we finally have the full details of the move.

Hornets receive:

Gordon Hayward (sign-and-trade0

2023 second-round pick (Trayce Jackson-Davis, drafted by Warriors)

2024 second-round pick (Ariel Hukporti, drafted by Mavericks, traded to Knicks)

Celtics receive: 

2022 second-round pick (did not convey)

$27.9 million trade exception

All in all, it was a solid deal for both sides, but the Celtics benefitted more. Hayward played well in Charlotte, but he couldn’t stay on the floor.

Meanwhile, Boston’s trade exception helped them land Josh Richardson, who they traded for Derrick White, and he was a huge part of their 2024 NBA Championship run. Also, Charlotte didn’t even end up making either of the draft picks they got in the deal.